How to Use Spanish Fly Drops: A Complete Guide

  Spanish Fly Drops is a natural sex enhancer and libido booster that is made out of the secretion that only the green beetle—called Spanish fly can generate. This powder is called cantharidin. In case you are wondering how to use spanish fly drops given the nature of the product, here is a complete guide that can help you get the most of the product and hopefully achieve better sex with your partner.

Manufacturers of the product

The manufacturers of the Spanish Fly Drops are the German pharmaceutical laboratory. You can find the products on its major retailers such as Wal-Mart but you can also order online in case you find yourself embarrassed buying the product by yourself.

Using the Spanish Fly Drops

Use water

You can use water in taking Spanish fly drops. All you need to do is to mix it in water (10 drops for female, 15 drops for male) about 10 minutes prior to your love-making if you wanted best results. After that 10 minutes, you will notice the effect in your body, and your libido is automatically increased that leads to better sex and full-body orgasm.

Use alcoholic drink

Some people claimed that the product is more effective if you tend to use the alcoholic drink. It cannot be denied that when you are drunk, you are more aggressive with having sex and more confident in bed. Therefore, you might want to be a little bit tipsy to ensure that aside from having a strong urge to have sexual intercourse, you are also confident with your partner in bed.

Read the dosage label properly

Obviously, you can mix the Spanish fly drops with any drinks that you wanted. It can either be soda, coffee, juice, or even tea—whichever you prefer. Since the powder is both colorless and tasteless, rest assured that you don’t have to endure sticky and unpleasant solution other sexual enhancers tend to offer. But there are some Spanish Fly Drops nowadays in strawberry flavor for people who preferred fruity or sugary taste for a sexual enhancer.

Taking the product

While the Spanish fly drops did not specify that you need to take it regularly, you can always try if you wanted to improve your sexual libido especially if it had been a long-time problem. However, if you feel like you just need a sexual enhancer from time to time, then you should only take the product whenever you feel the need to. Do not treat it like a vitamin that you are required to take every day because the effects can be opposite of what you are expecting.

Spanish Fly Products

There is a wide variety of Spanish fly products that you can choose from. Spanish Fly Drops, Spanish Fly Pro, and now, the new Spanish Fly Gold Pro that comes in a single-tear travel pack with 12 packs of six drops in each purchase. It may come in handy if you are traveling and you wanted to improve your travel experience with your partner by having great sexual intercourse. You can feel the effect as fast as 5 minutes with this product.


Getting the most out of the product

If you wanted to achieve better results, here are the following tips that can help you get the most out of your Spanish fly product.

Always follow the dosage

We cannot stress it out enough, but it is important that you follow the dosage label of the product. If it says you only need one pack, then limit yourself to one pack for a day. In that way, you can avoid overdose cases and get better results.

Read reviews online

If you wanted to make sure that this is the right product you are looking for, you might want to review the comments and feedbacks about the products online. Consider the people who had already used the product. In that way, you will have an idea on how it will work in your body should you take the product.

Eat natural sexual enhancers

There are also libido enhancers that come in the form of food everyone has their kitchens such as dark chocolate, ginger, and chiles. If you want to have the best results, combine it with the foods mentioned above.

The Bottom Line

Spanish Fly Products are ideal for couples who are having problems with sexual intercourse or females who wanted to achieve full-body orgasm. If you are one of them, you do not need to suffer terrible sex for the rest of your life. Try the Spanish Fly Drops and see the difference.